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NEW AMSTERDAM, BERBICE – The community of Winkel in New Amsterdam was thrown into shock yesterday morning when Nursing Assistant,Cheap Jerseys Online, Arlington Massey, attached to the New Amsterdam Hospital, hanged himself at his home. The 45-year old man resided on the lower flat at Lot 53 Winkel.According to a family friend, Deborah Benjamin and a neighbour, who asked only to be identified as Leslyn,Nike Air Max 97 Silver Bullet, a triangular love affair and other domestic problems were the reasons Massey opted to end his life. Both women said he has been threatening to so do for several months now. The man cut off a piece from a drop-cord and using two knots, secured it on a rafter in the roof close to the foot of his bed. Using a chair he apparently climbed and completed the act.Arlington MasseyDeborah Benjamin explained that she saw him just after 06:00 hours on Sunday but had no idea he would have done such a ghastly thing.“Was after 10 or before 11 this morning I hear she (Leslyn) screaming. She say, ‘Aunty Pinky come quick your son hang himself. When I come I saw the rope around his neck, his eyes shut. I holler because I didn’t expect that.”She said the police were summoned and the body was subsequently transported to the New Amsterdam Hospital.Leslyn, who was on the upper floor of the building said that a female with whom the man shared a contentious relationship visited the home about mid-morning and it was then the discovery was made, “She call me and I want know why she ain’t use she key to go in. He give she a key last week. This time we out here calling he and while we calling he did done hang he self. Then she open the door and we see. Like he did done tell she on the phone what he gun do so like when she come here she did already suspect what happen.’The woman said that earlier in the morning Massey was in the yard when he asked her for money to purchase cigarettes. He was said to be epileptic.“I ain’t give he the money because when he smoke he normally get sick. Then he ask me, ‘today is what day?’ I ask he if he getting delirious, then he say today Manta suppose to come and I must talk to she. I tell he I ain’t getting in them problems.”Leslyn said the man was imbibing alcoholic beverages on Saturday. “They said he girl thief perfume and something else from some ex-policeman and he was upset. Arlington gun hang heself fuh that? Arlington been through too much to do that.”The women related that about three months ago, he wrote a suicide note.“Was after he buy the television and DVD, he been saying he do all these things and still she unfaithful. He go to jump over the Canje Bridge then. Is months he threatening to do this”. According to them,Cheap Adidas Hockey Jerseys, he lived alone but his lover showed up only on days when money was in hand or she wanted something.Arlington Massey joined the nursing profession more than 20 years ago. His last day at work was on Thursday. He leaves to mourn his mother – a retired matron of the New Amsterdam Hospital, Molly Massey, who resides in the United States, and siblings. He was known as a people’s person always willing to lend a helping hand.**************************************************Municipal cold storage facility yet to be operationalised— regarded as a disappointment“It is an area of great disappointment as far as I am concerned,” said Councillor Ranwell Jordan of efforts to bring on stream a municipal cold storage facility intended to hold bodies ahead of burial. According to Councillor Jordan, a former Mayor of the City, “I am concerned because a lot of work was put in for us to get it built.” The facility which is located along Princes Street,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Georgetown,Cheap Mens Jordan Sneakers, was constructed some years ago but was never operationalised.After being constructed there were some difficulties in getting the Guyana Power and Light Company to electrify the facility. But even as the efforts were being made to address the problem, Jordan revealed that vandals descended on the facility carting off a motor essential for its operation. “This development had set us further back…We were able to get the firm responsible for securing the facility to agree to refund the money for the motor.”Municipal Councillor, Ranwell JordanHowever, while the council was awaiting the refund vandals once again targeted the facility, this time removing other crucial materials. “We have ended up with no cold storage and a worse situation exists since then. Bodies continue to be dumped around that area…”In recognition of this dire development, Jordan disclosed that council had approved giving over the facility to the operation of a prominent city parlour which would have in turn provide the municipality with a satisfactory sum each month. However, council never accepted the sum that was offered, Jordan noted. “They were going to construct, renovate and take charge but we were not quite satisfied with the sum offered and nothing has materialised since so that is another disappointment.”The situation is further compounded by the fact that the municipality has not yet been able to place advertisements in the media to have persons apply to improve the facility, thus the project has not moved forward, Jordan lamented.The councillor some time ago had cause to upbraid the owners of funeral homes for engaging in the practice of leaving bodies at the non-functioning facility. He had pointed out that for some reason some funeral home owners continue to leave the bodies callously, a situation which not only affects workers but also present a health hazard as dogs are allowed to violate the corpses. “I am appealing to funeral home owners to desist this practice until we can assist them with a holding area,” Jordan had urged.Deputy Mayor, Robert Williams, had revealed that the cold storage facility was constructed for the purpose of assisting with the holding of corpses but expressed disgust over the fact that the building which was already equipped was vandalised.  However, one representative of a funeral home had disclosed that the entity is often overwhelmed with a number of decomposing bodies.  As a result, the representative said that assistance is sought from the Mayor and City Council to make use of the holding building at Princes Street.

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