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Carl Greenidge“Project seems headed for another scandal of immense proportions”“With every passing day, the PPP/C Administration’s contempt for the people of Guyana reaches new heights.”This opinion was expressed yesterday by Presidential hopeful for the People’s National Congress Reform, Carl Greenidge, who was at the time addressing media operatives during the party’s weekly press briefing,China Jerseys, where he said that the most recent example of such contempt is the much touted and propagandised distribution of 90,000 free laptops in Guyana.“The need for full disclosure and the publication of a comprehensive document are essential, as the 90,000 Laptop Distribution project seems headed for another scandal of immense proportions.”Greenidge stressed that no one can deny the benefits of accelerating education in the Information Technology Sector and making all Guyanese computer literate, “but the first major question is why should such a Government project be placed under the Office of the President for execution, rather than the Ministry of Education or the Ministry responsible for Training,” namely the Public Service Ministry.He also pointed out that the Government has studiously avoided the circulation of a detailed project document providing information on the method of procurement, as well as the rules, guidelines and method of distribution of the laptops over the project period.“Consequently, despite the budgetary allocation of $1.8 Billion, there is no way that the progress of the project can be monitored, thus leaving room for mismanagement, corruption and political manipulation in an election year.”He drew reference to the presentation in Parliament by Shadow Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs,Wholesale NBA Jerseys, Volda Lawrence, M.P., during the Budget debate, and said that there were several issues regarding the laptop project which the Government has, to date, failed to address.Lawrence had emphasised that, “There is need and will continue to be the need for transparency and accountability in these matters. For example, over the last weekend we have heard of the launch of the 90,000 laptop project. Where is the document that would inform how this project would be implemented? What criteria would be used for the phased distribution and who would determine it? What is the cost of each of these computers and was there a competitive bid? Mr. Speaker,Wholesale Jerseys, I believe that the Government owes this House an obligation to bring a document so that this House is properly informed of this project, so that it can be monitored to ensure that it is not used for political purposes in this election year.”Greenidge said that after nine days of Budget Debate and consideration of detailed allocations in the Committee of Supply, the Government remained intransigent, and could not be moved to present adequate information to the highest forum of the land.He said that when Minister Jennifer Webster was finally obligated to provide an explanation on the cost of a laptop,Jerseys NFL Cheap, “even that information,Cheap NFL Football Jerseys, as the nation was soon to find out, was grossly inaccurate…Was this a misstep by the Minister,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, or was it a revelation that no one other than President Jagdeo and his cohorts have control over the activities associated with this project?”Greenidge used the occasion of the press briefing to commend this newspaper, which he said has so far exposed the lack of transparency, hypocrisy and blatant lies that “have become routine for the PPP/C Administration”.“It is obvious that there has been a conspiracy to conceal relevant information that is not the preserve of the PPP, but concerns all citizens, particularly the taxpayers of our country…The Government will eventually be brought to account for its misdeeds, but that is neither enough at this time to prevent possible discrimination in the manner the project is implemented, nor to prevent the occurrence of corrupt behaviour that has become endemic in the PPP/C Administration,” said Greenidge.He posited that in his last year in office, the President has “squandered another opportunity to begin his redemption”.“He has been unable to resist the temptation to continue his micro-management, and assume direct control, as though the Government was his personal fiefdom.”