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‘We have failed in the past because we have not met people in their own setting. We try to recreate their setting and think they would simply run after us,cheap nfl jerseys,” said Minister of Health, Dr Leslie Ramsammy, as he addressed the opening of a substance abuse training workshop at the Ocean View International Hotel yesterday.The workshop, which will continue today, is spearheaded by the Phoenix Recovery Project and is being facilitated by Dr Marcus Day, of the Caribbean Drug and Alcohol Research Institute. It is intended to focus on minimising the social and health consequences of persons suffering from substance abuse disorders.According to Minister Ramsammy,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, people are on the streets for many reasons, and at one time, they were simply painted with the same brush. In essence, he noted that it was assumed that all people living on the streets were there because of economic problems. The other extreme, he said, was the assumption that street dwellers are mentally ill.“What has happened now is that it’s the subject of the day…so when you are dealing with substance abuse suddenly everybody on the streets is there because of substance abuse.”Minister Ramsammy asserted that often is the case that the various reasons drive each other,Wholesale NBA Jerseys China, thus compounding the problems faced by street dwellers. He stressed too that street dwelling is not always brought on by substance abuse.“We must not think that it is a straight line; that it starts with substance abuse then leads to mental illnesses then economic impoverisation and leads to people on the streets. That is a nice story, of course, but it doesn’t always work that way.”In fact, Minister Ramsammy explained that although this situation is a complex one throughout the developing world, very little has been spent and invested on dealing with such social and health issues.  He revealed that very little or small amounts of persons have been trained in this regard, even as he ascertained that in the formal training programme “we have never taken into consideration that there are people who need our help, who need care because of substance abuse, because of mental illnesses and so. We need to change that paradigm. There is need for a robust paradigm shift in Guyana, in the Caribbean,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, in the developing countries and globally.”Dr Ramsammy noted that unlike for persons with diabetes and other more formal illnesses, the health sector has not really developed strong institutional, intervention programmes for persons suffering from substance abuse.“Therein lies the problem, because if you do not have strong programmes even within your institutions, then how do you have programmes to deal with people outside your institution.”He said that measures are apace to take a different approach even as there is caution to ensure that the mistakes of the past are not repeated.  As part of the arrangement,Wholesale Jerseys From China, he said, is the need to improve on institutional arrangements for people with mental illnesses and substance abuse problems.“When I speak about institutional arrangements I am not speaking about hospitals alone or psychiatric institutions alone, I am also talking about places where we provide certain services like our convalescent homes… where people are, like the Palms and Non-Governmental operated homes…These are the institutional arrangements that we need to strengthen,” the Minister noted.There is also need, he said, to ensure that outreach programmes are developed and strengthened even reaching to the target persons on the streets or wherever they can be found.With its primary intention to decrease drug demand and abuse in Guyana one addict at a time, the Phoenix Recovery Project has been making remarkable strides over the past few years. By securing some funding from the United States State Department, through the Catholic Relief Services, the Recovery Project was able to commence operation of its female facility in 2008.The Recovery Project which is located at Lot 90, Block CC, Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara was founded in August 2002.  In its embryonic stage, it offered treatment and rehabilitation for only men recovering from addiction to recreational drugs including alcohol and tobacco and drugs of abuse which are illegal, namely cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana.The ideal age of acceptance to the Recovery Programme is 18, and treatment and rehabilitation consist of two distinct phases. Phase one entails residential care, while phase two is regarded as after-care; with Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings as an adjunct to treatment.To enable the residential care, clients reside at the centre for six to 12 months, to undergo treatment. The treatment process allows each client to participate in group and individual therapy. There are also workshops on self-esteem, stress and anger management,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, and relapse prevention, among others.  Spiritual focus is also regarded as very important, and as such, the client participates in daily spiritual sessions.Phoenix works in collaboration with the Psychiatric Clinic at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation to ensure clients receive the necessary treatment and care. In the aftercare phase, clients are required to return once weekly for a 90-minute group therapy for 12 months, a process which helps to reintegrate them into their families, the community and the society as a whole.The Phoenix programme embraces the notion that “drugs respect no one, have no barriers, and affect every stratum of our society.”