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…feedback and ratings system should be implemented  By Zena HenryOn a scale of one to 10, experts rate Guyana’s output of good customer service at four when comparing services provided by other nations of the world. This is despite the country’s concerted efforts to become a talking point on the tourism scene, which peaks the list of service sectors.This is also despite studies of a steady growth in society and the country’s transformation from a 35 percent service-based nation in 1992, to becoming 60 percent service-based in 2012.At a packed Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) customer service seminar yesterday morning at the Pegasus Hotel, representatives of agencies in the hospitality and goods and services sector received a one-on-one with leading persons associated with service provision training.From left: Rawle Dundas, GGCI Senior Vice President Lance Hinds,Cheap Jeseys NFL, Chairperson Peter Ramsaroop and Ms. Joycelyn Williams, during her presentationIt was explained that the nation’s provision of quality, let alone exceptional customer service is desperately lacking. Yet, as a matter of development and growth, good customer service is one way in which Guyana can be competitive in an increasingly service-based and competitive world.Ms Joycelyn Williams of the International Development Consultant, JTW and Associates Management Institute Inc. spoke on the essentials of improving customer service in the country. She told the representatives that, “everyone needs to understand that Guyana is now more a services country, compared to years ago when it was a goods country. Finance and insurance, education, wholesale and retail, health, social and economic services together make up the bulk of Guyana’s output.”However, she emphasised “… the overall average level of customer service in Guyana is poor.”“Inefficient systems lead to long queues for relatively simple transactions; poor quality products on sale in stores; poor or inadequate communication from public service providers, like electricity and water except when they want to terminate their service; shoddy treatment at restaurants and stores; untrained and poor attention from staff, especially in public offices and inadequate attention communication and courtesies at hospitals both public and private.”Among the service industries,NFL Jerseys China, Williams mentioned the growth of call centres and widening of tourism. She said that some 10 years ago, the number of tourists served by the country was about 70,000 to 80,000, but that number has more than doubled since, while more visitors are coming. It was added that the behaviour and attitudes of human resources will be key skills in these areas – for example,Wholesale Jerseys 2018, in a case where 6000 employees are expected to be employed in another five years by the country’s largest call centre, Qualfon.“All of these point to the fact that the need to be internationally competitive in customer service at the level of country will have to haul upwards; And naturally the average level of customer service in Guyana is a reflection of the readiness of every firm, every service provider in banking, retail, immigration and police, hospitality, churches, mosques, temples and home etc.”The company representatives at yesterday’s seminarWilliams said that the country needs to create a “Guyana experience”, that tourists and locals alike can readily recommend.In a brief interview with this newspaper, Williams said emphasis has to be placed on feedback and rating mechanisms that would give service providers something to work towards. She added that the government and authorities could play a vital role in advocating for good customer service, as it balances off goods and service provision and “the customer experience,” before reiterating her position on being competitive.Other presenters also stressed on the necessity of customer service and its definite contribution to development, and especially, to the tourism sector.Komal Singh,Wholesale Jerseys China, Director of Gaico Construction Inc., based his contribution on the relationship between internal and external customers which deals primarily with “happy service providers creating happy customers; the internals help an organization to serve the end customers (externals)”.David E. Falconer, Manager of Creditinfo Guyana Inc. spoke about benefits of credit Bureaus in developing economies and the essentials of consumer support, while Rawle Dundas, Director, Professional Development Enterprise,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, highlighted the very popular service provision phenomenon; “the customer experience.”Dundas went into topical areas of actual service provision by making suggestions on physical changes that would enhance customer service.  He spoke on the value of services and the need of describing businesses – especially when they lean on the services side – clearly on their mission as service providers in order to remind internal and external customers of the core mission.He continued to stress on good and exceptional customer service having the capacity to turn customers from satisfied to “wowed” and also turning them from advocates to fans.Senior Vice President of the GCCI, Lance Hinds, in his opening remarks,Cheap NFL Jerseys Stitched, welcomed the gathering and urged them to grasp and take back to their companies as much of what was being taught to incorporate in the daily services provided. He too said that the services sector, in relation to the growth in the economy is changing, and further emphasized the need to be competitive.