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The community of Lethem is mourning the death of 51-year-old Ernest Phillips, a driver attached to the Region Nine Democratic Council, who had his head crushed by the tractor he was driving early yesterday morning.Phillips,Cheap NFL Jerseys, of St. Ignatius, Central Rupununi, was returning to Lethem from a 95-mile trip to Karasabai when he reportedly lost control of the tractor after encountering a hump of road construction material on the road.The incident occurred shortly after midnight Wednesday,China Jerseys Cheap, a mere five minutes drive from Lethem.Reports reaching this newspaper stated that Phillips was heading into Lethem when the tractor slammed into a huge pile of gravel that was left on the roadway, causing him to lose control of the tractor.He was hurled from his seat and somehow fell under one of the large wheels of the tractor and had his skull crushed.Three persons who were in the trailer of the tractor at the time claimed that they were asleep and could not say what actually transpired.Phillips’s wife, Audinia, told this newspaper that she last saw her husband at about 08:00 hours on Wednesday when he was about to leave for Karasabai.“He asked me for $1000 and I gave it to him,” she recalled.The money was still in Phillips’ pocket when his body was recovered.She was given the tragic news by officials of the Regional Administration and the Medex at Lethem.This newspaper understands that the Regional Administration has undertaken to stand the funeral expenses.Rupununi residents are up in arms for what they described as the lack of attention being paid by the authorities to the carefree nature of road building contractors,China NFL Jerseys, who would normally leave mounds of gravel on the roads.“This was something that could have been avoided if the authorities were listening to the people and taking acting,Authentic Australia NBA Jerseys Outlet,” one resident said.Phillips, who was employed by the Region Nine Administration for over 20 years,Wholesale Jerseys China, leaves to mourn his wife, two children and two grandchildren.This is the second tragedy to hit the family within the past two years.In December 2006,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, a family member was shot dead in his home at St. Ignatius.Meanwhile, residents are also lamenting the non-functioning of the freezer at the Lethem mortuary.The freezer has been out of operation for more than a month, forcing residents to source ice from as far as neighbouring Brazil in order to keep their dead relatives’ bodies fresh before burial.“We do not have an ice house where a large quantity of ice is produced.We have to go begging people for ice and sometimes we even have to go to Brazil to get ice,” another resident told this newspaper.

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–  preaching started under starapple tree  Who would have thought that the founder of a local church of the Christian Methodists organization would have been a first generation offspring of indentured immigrants to this country?But that is exactly the case and the Uitvlugt Methodist Church on the West Coast of Demerara is celebrating the 110th birth anniversary of its founder, John Panaram,Jerseys Wholesale, a Guyanese of Indentured Labour origin.Esther Singh, one of Bro. Panaram’s surviving childrenPanaram was born of indentured parents on the 16th of September 1901 and he died on the 3rd of January 1979. He grew up in the Uitvlugt Estate and left school in Standard Four and worked as a butler from the age of 15. The Manager of the Uitvlugt Estate was Mr. Strong in the then British Guiana.Mr. John Panaram was visited by an Indian Catechist for CI (Cornelia Ida) whose name was Joseph Grant. He was 24 years old at the time and was living with his wife and two children, Ruth and Samuel in Uitvlugt. It all started from a dream that Grant had.He dreamt that he should go to the Uitvlugt Estate and rap on the door of a range. In obedience, he did and found that the home of Bro. Panaram was the door he rapped on.Bro. Panaram was on his way to work and invited Joseph Grant to visit another day.In compliance to his vision, Grant kept visiting, and Bro. Panaram was converted to Christ.Grant gave him books to study and within one year Panaram developed the confidence to preach, and started to preach to non-Christians, under a starapple tree.Bro. Panaram was the first Indian Christian at Plantation Uitvlugt, and there was no Methodist Church from Stewartville to De Kenderen.The news of Bro. Panaram’s work reached England and one Rev. Chick was sent to assist him.Rev. Chick served for several years in India and had command of the Indian language. He preached under the starapple tree during the evenings, using a gas lamp and he drew a crowd, but no one accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour.Rev. Chick was eventually replaced by Rev. Huston also from England and he too preached under the starapple tree. Gradually, men and women started to accept Christ as their saviour. During that period, Bro. Panaram and his wife had a three month-old baby and travelled from Uitvlugt to Leonora by foot to baptize her.Rev.Huston gave the baby the name Esther, and told the parents she must be honest, have compassion and share.Bro. Panaram and his wife built a house near the train line at Uitvlugt and in time another Englishman, Rev. Higman, came and started service at the bottom flat of that house.British Minister Rev. Silcock, who served the Uitvlugt Methodist Church in 1946There was a plot of land opposite the house and Rev. Higman and Bro. Panaram went to the Manager of the Estate,China NFL Jerseys, Mr. Morrison,Cheap Jerseys From China, and requested the use of that land to build a Church. Mr. Morrison gladly gave consent and promised to give materials and workmen to assist, whenever they were ready to build.Bro. Panaram and members weeded the land and levelled it.They also broke bricks, and along with Bro. Panaram’s sons, Samuel and Basil, they fetched sand in a saucepan to build up the land.Members of the Methodist Churches in Georgetown travelled to the West Coast of Demerara to participate in the official launch of the church building process at Uitvlugt.Mrs. Lywood, wife of the Leonora manager and Mrs. Morrison, wife of the Uitvlugt Manager laid the foundation and cornerstone – it was a grand day.The building started with a gift of materials and assistance from other churches and labour from members who were carpenters.The Uitvlugt Methodist Church was finally completed in November 1935 and a service of thanksgiving was held.Bro. Panaram, who was 34 years old when the church was built, said “our Lord and God knows how to give good and wonderful gifts to his servants.”It was harvest time and Bro Panaram went to the Estate and collected money and other things. He got from the Bajam’s quarters, large loaves of bread and held a beautiful harvest service. Then World War ll came. He kept three days and three nights of meetings in the church and read the Bible to people at his home.The Estate gave him light which enabled him to have those sessions.When Catechist Grant by then became old and helpless, Bro Panaram took him into his house and cared for him.  He remarked, “this man shone the light on my path to my lord and saviour Jesus Christ.”After a number of years, the original church building was broken down and replaced by a concrete structure at its present site.Bro. Panaram was a head butler and went to work with a tunic and bowtie at the age of 47 years. There is a story that one day he dreamt that a man showed him a photo of one with a beard and robe, and when Bro Panaram asked who the picture represents,China NFL Jerseys, and was told “it was you Bro. Preacher; don’t delay.”His son Aaron was 20 years old when he told him of the dream.The Uitvlugt Methodist Church todayAlthough Aaron was working for a few dollars per week, he said to his father,Authentic Jerseys Cheap, “You go and preach dad, I will take care of the home.” That was when Bro Panaram began full time preaching. But during that period that Bro. Panaram was preparing to take up his preaching appointment,Cheap Jerseys, Aaron fell 60 feet and died in his father’s arms.Bro. Panaram said, “I put my hands to the plough, I will not turn back.”Bro. Panaram was ordained a local preacher by Rev. Joseph Lloyd in 1969. He preached at open air meeting and at street corners, spreading the good news. As he grew older, he asked a carpenter by the name Babb to build a seven-foot cross of lightwood with the inscription “God is love.”He continued to preach and carried that cross on the highways and byways, in villages and streets from Uitvlugt, to Vreed-en-hoop and Uitvlugt to Parika, Hubu Backdam, and Hague Backdam.He prepared for his journeys at 5:30 in the mornings, although his wife was of little help to him; she suffered from severe arthritis from working in the rice fields from 14 years old.Bro. Panaram died on the 3rd of January 1979. Over 800 persons attended his funeral; he was a genuine sower for our Lord’s Harvest. He once said, “If a man has Christ in him, he is rich and a happy man, no matter how poor he may be.”He told his daughter Esther that he was praying that his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will grow up to worship the Lord God with all their hearts and souls.