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When you down and out and gat nutten in life nobody don’t know you, not even a dawg. But as soon as you push you head up in life and people can see you smiling, people who never talk to you suddenly become you family.That happen plenty time to Uncle Glenn and Uncle Adam. Jagdeo seh when he was piss poor before he tun filthy rich he had a bicycle and one friend name Babbie.When he tun president he tell dem bai even Putagee Brazzie tun he family.He seh that three-quarter of Guyana even Ali Lall, Harris Baksh, Leonard Hinds,Wholesale Jerseys Online, BaiShan Lin,Wholesale NBA Jerseys, and Moses Johnny introduce dem self to him as family when he was de president.When he lose de presidency and people find out that he scampish and was a scamp all he life,China Jerseys, dem disown him. He own blood relative disown he.This same attitude don’t happen wid people alone. It does happen wid countries.  Years ago when Guyana was nowhere on de map,China Jerseys NFL, people use to get tun back from Trinidad and Barbados, much less getting visas fuh de ABC countries.Now Guyana got gold, it got lumber, and it find oil. Today you don’t have to apply to dem fuh visa anymore. Dem boys hear dem got de GECOM list and dem sending de visa to you house.De Chinese giving you visa,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, ticket, plus spending money to visit dem country. When you land there dem treat you like king and queen. And if you wondering why de visa come to you house without applying, is because dem want everybody to go weh suh dem can come in and do wha dem want.De Chinese people already doing wha dem want wid Guyana. Dem ah sell from rope to soap in Guyana. Dem does carry out everything under de sun that cover Guyana.Bai Shan come from China and live wid a Guyanese gyal at Providence. She get a baby and de baby dead two months after.One old lady see dem crying fuh about a whole week. She couldn’t tek it no more. Dem boys hear she go up to baby mother and ask “Girl,Cheap Jerseys For Sale, why you crying so lang? You don’t know Chinese product don’t last lang?”Talk half and watch all who coming in you country.

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…rejects demonizing of ex-military officers in politicsThe Guyana Veterans’ Legion has pledged its full support for colleague and presidential candidate for the A Partnership for National Unity + Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC) coalition; Brigadier (retired) David Granger.Veterans are the centre pieces at the annual Remembrance DayThe organization hosted a one-year anniversary church service at the St. Sidwell’s Anglican Church last Sunday, to commemorate the unifying of the Guyana Legion and the ex-GDF Association to form the Guyana Veterans’ Legion. It was during this event that the organization made known their support for Granger as Guyana’s next president. It was however, quite disturbing for the retired military men who rejected attempts that demonise ex-military persons playing any significant role in the political arena.President of the Guyana Veteran’s Legion, retired Lieutenant Colonel George Gomes, said yesterday that the veterans have taken note of the utterances being made by the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) on the campaign trail.The information being disseminated seems to be presenting a negative image of retired military persons who choose the political platform in post-military life. “We are not concerned… we totally reject this notion,” Gomes insisted when asked about feelings toward the matter.The PPP/C became vociferous on what the party said is a concern over the fact that several high ranking retired military persons have a liaison within Ret’d Brigadier Granger and his party’s hierarchy. The governing party was adamant that there is the “militarization” of the opposition party and claimed that this first time occurrence could lead to Guyana becoming a “military state”.The PPP claimed,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, also, that during the “dreaded Burnham era” the military and the police force played significant roles in carrying out the bid of the then government, now some of these same persons are seeking high office.The Legion’s president was unmoved however over such claims, since it is known that currently the PPP/C has the most military personnel serving its government. He said that currently, Guyana’s Ambassador to India and Bangladesh is a rank that was kicked out of the army, former Home Affairs Minister Ronald Gajraj.There is also Retired Major General Michael Atherly who holds a senior position within the Ministry of Home Affairs, retired Chief of Staff Joe Singh who is attached to Office of the President and former Police Commissioner Floyd McDonlad, also attached to OP among others.Several others have been offered positions within the government. There are Col Bruce Lovell,Supply Authentic NFL Jerseys, Col Frank Bishpam,China Jerseys, Col Chabilal Ramsarup and many others.Gomes said that it appears to be more than a surface concern being expressed by the party and thus, reiterated his organization’s position of rejecting the advances that taint the image of retired military personnel.Outside of this, Gomes said that the organization believes that it will be better served under this new coalition government since “the PPP never did anything for us.” Gomes charged that an invitation was extended to President Donald Ramotar for Sunday’s service, “but not even a letter of acknowledgment was sent to the Legion.”He noted that Granger did make an effort to be at the service. Gomes said that for the last two Remembrance Day activities, Prime Minister Samuel Hinds has been promising financial aid to the agency, “but two years later there has been nothing.”Among the dangers latched on to the opposition coalition is the issue of “militarization,” the PPP/C continues to warn its supporters. The matter is being made prominent by the party which seems to be using it as one of the most damaging weapons in the campaign armory.During the PPP/C’s weekly press briefing last week,China Jerseys Cheap, its General Secretary and Home Affairs Minister,Cheap NFL Shop, Clement Rohee,  accused the opposition of planning to “rig” elections or cause “war” if they do not win the 2015 polls.He said that the opposition’s “military cabal” was also preparing its supporters not to accept the outcome of the upcoming elections and the country’s security arms will be activated in carrying out their deeds.While some military personnel have come out in defence of their military background questioning whether military people do not have the right to engage in whatever profession they wish once their military careers are over,Cheap Jerseys USA, they have also accused the ruling party of using “militarization” of the opposition as a scare tactic.Some civilian commentators noted, however, that they do not just see the presence of top military persons in top political positions as just advancing into another profession. Some say it sets a “dangerous precedent that has serious implications for military-civilian relationship.”One commentator had stated that … “Never before has there been this degree of top-level penetration into a political party by persons who held high rank within both the Guyana Police Force and the Guyana Defence Force.” This scenario, Rohee also contended, has never before occurred in Guyana.