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The mother of 18-month old Shaquan Nero, who was allegedly murdered by her jilted lover, testified viaMurder Accused:Calvin BaileySkype video call yesterday, as the retrial of Calvin Bailey continued before Justice Priya Sewnarine-Beharry at the Georgetown High Court.According to reports, the cutlass-wielding man chopped the toddler to his neck, during an altercation with his mother in April 2007.The infant’s mother had been holding him in her arms during the altercation.Bailey,Cheap Jerseys From China, called ‘Liva’, of Wisroc Housing Scheme; Agricola, East Bank Demerara and Campbellville, Georgetown, had been in hiding following the attack, but was later charged for the murder.Bernadette Nero,China NFL Jerseys, who now resides in Barbados, was moved to tears as she recalled the series of events which led to the death of her child.She recalled that she was in a relationship with the accused and they shared a home at an area in Wisroc,Wholesale Jerseys From China, Linden where “Rastafarians tabernacle” is.According to her, the relationship was tumultuous and she decided to end it on April 5, 2007. Nero said that on that day, she packed two black bags and left with her baby for her aunt’s residence at Cinderella City, Linden.While at her aunt’s home, the mother related to the court that she heard a knocking on the door and inquired who was there. She said that she got no answer,Wholesale China Jerseys, but later recognized that it was Bailey after she saw him looking through a window at the house.  The woman testified that the accused requested to speak with her and when she refused, he became angry and behaved disorderly in the yard.Bailey,Cheap China Jerseys Authentic, the witness said, told her, “Yuh feel yuh could leff me just like that.”However, she recounted that after things calmed down that evening she left the house to carry her baby to her Uncle Alfred’s home. She told the court that while climbing the stairs Bailey came up behind her and pulled out a cutlass and started chopping her about her body. “Ah start to scream for Uncle Alfred help me. Somebody help me,” the witness recalled.The woman could not contain her emotions as she related that her attacker advanced towards her continuously firing chops. The blade of the cutlass, she said cut her about her arms and head.But as she tried desperately to fend off her attacker, Nero said she fell on her back, still holding the baby in her arms. The witness said that the accused fired another chop and it connected to her baby’s throat. She said that blood that started to spray all over the landing.Nero told the court that it was at this point that her Uncle Alfred came outside, but Bailey had already jumped off the landing and fled the scene.The mother said that a neighbour assisted with transporting her and the injured baby to the hospital,Wholesale Stitched Jerseys, but the child succumbed while receiving treatment at the Linden Hospital Complex.State Prosecutors Michael Shahoud and Orinthia Schmidt are presenting the case while the accused is being represented by Attorney Peter Hugh.This is the second trial before a Judge and Jury for the accused. He had faced trials for the offence in 2013 and 2014. Both ended in hung jury verdicts.